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Plan your schedule

Set suitable appointment slots for Video Consultations, to balance your clinic schedule with telehealth sessions.

Define time slots

Choose how long you would like your telemedicine sessions to go on. Define a suitable time slot to better assess your patients.

Manage your time

Confirm, cancel or re-schedule telemedicine appointments to suit your availability so that your time is managed effectively.

Reduce No-Shows

Limit no-shows with telemedicine appointments confirmations and reminders about upcoming telemedicine sessions.

Treat patients the way you want to treat them.

Define pricing

You have the flexibility to price and charge patients (or keep it free) for telemedicine session as your see fit.

Online billing

Generate bills for Video Consultations on your Virtual Practice to keep track of revenue generated for telemedicine services

Online payments

Upfront payments for your telehealth sessions before the session are due to start, to confirm participation.

Access patient health records during video sessions to help with diagnosis

Effective diagnosis

Access to patient Personal Health Records and health trackers is available during telemedicine sessions, helping you diagnose and treat patients effectively

Video mode

Connectivity issues do not need to affect your interaction.

Direct interaction

Whether on your desktop or mobile phone, Video Consultations help you interact with patients just as you would at your clinic

Manage from anywhere

Your telemedicine appointments and sessions can be managed from anywhere, on the web or mobile.


Patients pay upfront on the Medazonhealth platform while booking their appointment. They can use their debit or credit card to make the purchase.

Providers are paid via direct deposit on a weekly basis.

If an additional service is required, you can charge the patient in your office the same way as any other self-paying patient. In the future, you will be able to process charges through Medazonhealth.

Medazonhealth sends an automated email whenever you receive a booking which includes the patient’s name, phone number and email address. Patients also receive an email confirmation as an appointment reminder.

Patients can cancel 24 hours before the appointment if their circumstances change. If a patient no-shows or cancels within 24 hours, they do not qualify for a refund but the provider still receives payment for the service.

Our provider tool gives you the ability to update your own schedule. You can add, remove and change availability on Medazonhealth at any time.

Joining Medazonhealth is quick and easy. Fill out the form on this page or email and a specialist will help you get started.

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