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Fever, abdominal pain, eye infection, cold and cough are some of the issues that one could get treated by a General Physician. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you must connect with a doctor at the earliest. You can use the online doctor consultation feature,

You may consult a doctor online who will accurately be able to assess the symptoms you are experiencing to identify your health problem. Since General Physicians provide a range of non-surgical health care, they will be able to extensively evaluate every one of your concerns. Basis of the online evaluation, the doctor would suggest the next course of action.

A video call is very similar to a face-to-face appointment. You will get the same care. The GP, doctor or healthcare professional will ask you questions about your health to work out the best treatment for you. You can also ask any questions you may have.

Ask the patient if the sound and video quality is okay. Ask the patient how it feels meeting through the screen right now. This will allow you to make sure the patient is ready for the consultation. Keep in mind that the video consultation is ”private”.

The provider must use an interactive audio and video telecommunications system that permits real-time communication between the distant site and the patient at home.

A consultation is "a meeting with an expert or professional in order to seek advice." ... When you want to receive advice from a professional or expert of any sort, the meeting you schedule with them is a consultation.

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