Video Mental Health Consults

Video session for new patients that may include treatment for any of the following:

trauma, depression, anxiety, personality disorder, obsessive/compulsive disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD, bipolar disorder, phobias, sexual dysfunctions, relationship dynamics, and sleep disorders.

Recommendations for follow up care or services may be provided depending upon the nature of the visit.

Mental health consultation is here defined as an interaction between a mental health specialist, the consultant, and a person or persons, the consultee or consultees, who believe that they have a work problem which can benefit from the expertise of the mental health specialist.

Mental health consultants work with individuals and families to provide emotional and mental health support. ... Your job duties also include consulting with patients, identifying troublesome behavior, and recommending psychiatric services when necessary.

When you consult a mental health professional, you should expect confidentiality, empathy, understanding and being given sufficient time to express your thoughts and feelings. You should expect a thorough assessment of your mental health problem/s.

A medical consult (opens in a new window) by definition is “a procedure whereby, upon request by one healthcare provider, another healthcare provider reviews a patient's medical history, examines the patient, and makes recommendations as to care and treatment.”